A black panther party graphic that reads "uncle sam wants you nigger" and "hell no! america is the black man's battleground."

(don’t call me) Nigger

To be addressed as Nigger is to beremoved from history — with bloodon the book that the wind has blownaway to the face of a Nigger.In your face a Nigger will smile butcan’t walk a mile when the…placards are up!A Nigger will compromise autonomyfor a pot of porridge to appease hisinsatiable appetite — to fill up thevoid just as Judas his patriot.A Nigger is a killer of the poorrighteous teacher, willing to pull thetrigger on the dreamer; poised to makea Stephen out of every believer!A Nigger plays for the gainhooked up on the pain — a baitto fish the Messiah.A . . .

A painting of enslaved Africans, some dancing, some sitting, of all ages.

The Tongue We Never Lost at Sea

The civilization of a People lost…
in hell upon the arrival of a strange man
whose idol described our traditional
practices as the evil bedeviling us —
and the roadblock on our way to
his father’s house of many mansions! . . .