African children playing on the drum

The Drum

The drum sounds philosophical beats that engage us all and compel us to strive for a better life. These are mystic licks calling for unity, in a global march for dignity, liberty and peace. Booming beats beckon us to free our minds and take a road, full of obstacles, ambushes and dead ends. The drum calls us to a sojourn of conscience, one that can only be successfully traversed by those aligned to the people and their collective interests. The drum calls us to journey to redemption. A journey that must, of necessity, reshape our soul and resurrect our twisted minds.  . . .

An African holds a sign that says "Black Lives Matter"

The Politician

The Politician is our organizer, activist, and freedom fighter. She is our mother, daughter, sibling, and compatriot. She walks behind, beside, and in front of us. She sets the pace and brings up the rear. She claims to be a servant, but we know her as much more than a servant of the people. She is our light in the dark. She illuminates the path we follow. . . .

Author Darius Simpson - you know that nigga was a nigga

You Know He Shot at the Police Right?

you know he was a weapon. didn’t beg for his life. or call for his mother. or his partner.
you know that nigga went out on his feet. brought a gun to a gun fight. brought mutiny to a slave ship at the atlantic shoreline. you know that nigga was a nigga and not like haha nigga not like next democratic presidential nominee nigga not like run fast jump high nigga like worm food covered in tree bark like lead water clogging an artery like dead leaves stuck in a gutter like storm the arsenal and shoot the masters like one of those give me liberty or give me blood types nigga got the nerve to want freedom and do somethin bout it. . . .