An African man at a protest standing in front of a Palestinian flag.

Smash Zionism

In 1986, The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party distributed their second educational brochure on zionism. The first educational brochure, which was printed in 1977, was entitled “lSRAEL COMMITS MASS MURDER OF PALESTINIAN AND AFRICAN PEOPLES: ZIONISM lS RAClSM. lT MUST BE DESTROYED.” We distributed more than half a million copies throughout the United States and in other countries.  Like its predecessor, the second brochure has as its central purpose, the education of the masses of Africans (all people of African descent wherever they live in the world are African) about zionism. In the first brochure, the A-APRP called for the creation . . .

A painting of enslaved Africans, some dancing, some sitting, of all ages.

The Tongue We Never Lost at Sea

The civilization of a People lost…
in hell upon the arrival of a strange man
whose idol described our traditional
practices as the evil bedeviling us —
and the roadblock on our way to
his father’s house of many mansions! . . .

Display image for Hood Communist collective piece on African Liberation Month - the house is burning

The House Is Burning

As the African bourgeoisie gains more access to comforts and western privileges, the African masses continue to see a decline in their living standards. But Africa is a land that is ripe for revolution even when it can’t be immediately seen. . . .