Members of the ADOS movement

A Dose of Reality for the #ADOS Movement

To a certain extent, it is understandable why Black folks in the ADOS movement want something that caters specifically to African-Americans’ material conditions. However, to exclude non-American Africans from the fight for reparations is not only counter-productive but ahistorical. . . .

Forward to African Liberation Day! Victory in the Class Struggle is Certain

Victory in the Class Struggle is Certain

We, like [Amilcar] Cabral, must have a clear and comprehensive analysis of all the classes engaged in the contemporary class struggle. We must understand that each class struggle happens in time and space. Each person in their locales has a history of resistance, class conflict, and class collaboration. While there is a universal aspect that unites all class struggles, at the base every class struggle emerges from a particular cultural context and must address the interest of the people living within that cultural context. . . .

The Black petty-bourgeoisie

The Class Collaboration of “Justice”

There’s no intent on clarifying that this is a concession won by the mobilizing of millions of working people around the country who marched, fought in the streets and burned down precincts. Instead, the Black petty-bourgeoisie media is attempting to convince the masses of working-class Black people that this is a sign that the system can work for us. . . .

Mushroom cloud at the end of the world.

The End of the Fucking World

the end of the fucking world came again in May that year,
nine minutes and twenty nine seconds
stretched to hours, broke to days, forced into months.
and it sounded the same way the end of the world always sounds . . .

A demonstrator in Minneapolis illustrating what justice actually looks like

Derek Chauvin & the Con Against African Justice

Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. slave catcher (police) who brutally murdered George Floyd a year ago while being videotaped doing so, was convicted today. At the very least, the convictions will require him to spend a significant amount of time in prison, if not the rest of his mortal life. Regardless, read no further if you expect us to find some reason to celebrate. . . .

Ujima People's Progress Party calls out the Black misleadership class.

The Black Working Class Must Defend Itself, Not the Black Misleadership Class

Black working-class people must be clear that it is not corruption that undermines the self-determination and equitable treatment of the Black community and working-class people but instead the broad daylight administration of policies, laws, and institutions that protect profits gained by exploiting Black labor, Black lives and resources. . . .

Kelly Davis, wife of Keith Davis Jr., leads a protest.

Kelly Davis: The Wife That Won’t Go Away

Last year when Keith Davis Jr. was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, his wife Kelly Davis made a commitment to fight. The fight that Kelly has committed to is one with many moving pieces— it’s a fight to preserve her own sanity, a fight to raise her children, a fight to get up every day and go to work, a fight to hold on to her marriage, and a fight against the racist and corrupt Baltimore political establishment. For many African women and non-men, it’s a storied fight, old as our arrival . . .