Sekou Ture and Mao Tse Tung

China, Africa(ns), White Supremacy & the White Left

For many in the white left, their conscious or unconscious embrace of white supremacy prevents them from recognizing how much those backward ideals influence their perception of China today. Their constant labeling of China as no different than European capitalist/imperialism is an example. . . .

African Financial Independence is a Threat to the Status Quo and not a Pipedream.

African Financial Independence is a Threat to Imperialism

The deeper issues are usually traced to colonial economic interactions and the introduction of capitalism in developing countries. There were concerted efforts to build and maintain economic relations, in which the colonies were made into permanent producers of raw materials to satisfy the requirements of metropolitan countries. The established links between the producers and the colonial metropoles meant that colonies became dependent on other countries to purchase and dictate the prices of products. Colonies, as a result, were left without the infrastructure to process the raw materials and only purchased ready-made goods from the associated colonial power. The result was that colonies produced what they did not consume and consumed what they did not produce. . . .

Afro-Pessimism and the (Un)Logic of Anti-Blackness

Afro-Pessimism and the (Un)Logic of Anti-Blackness

What, then, are we fighting for? I want to open the door to this critical, but absent, conversation around anti-racist organising – the space for such conversations is desperately needed. Indeed, many of the claims about race that I have challenged created a suffocating climate in the last decade in which dissent from shared assumptions and attempts to develop theoretical grounds for solidarity are routinely characterised as ‘anti-black’. . . .

A Palestinian woman reacts as she carries a toddler, while Jewish settlers move out the belongings of a Palestinian family from a house in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009. In an unrest Tuesday, a Jewish family took over a house in an Arab neighborhood of east Jerusalem, sparking a protest by rock-throwing Palestinians and a few Israeli and foreign activists who joined them, police said. One of the family members was lightly injured in the head when a protester hit him with a metal bar, and police arrested five people. Both sides claim ownership of the building. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)

What is Palestine to the U.S.

By Mumia Abu-Jamal For some, this may come as a surprise, for it seems illogical, but the U.S. doesn’t hate Palestine. It arms and finances its nemesis, Israel – yes. It votes consistently with Israel in the United Nations (UN) – even against the majority of the world’s nations -yes. It quietly and surreptitiously allowed Israel to become a nuclear power – yes. All this is true; but the U.S. doesn’t hate Palestine. The truth is something far worse, for dismissal is more damning than hatred. Palestine, its people, its history, its culture, its art, its poetry, its very land, . . .

The concept of Anti- Blackness is an invention of the African petit-bourgeois

Negritude; The Parent of So-called “Anti- Blackness”

Throughout African (Black) activist and social media circles today the concept of “anti-Blackness” is constantly presented as an explanation behind the suffering African people experience within this backward society. The logic of this thinking is summarized within the belief that our 529 years of suffering results from European-dominated culture disliking and disrespecting us due primarily to the fact we are different from them. Inherent in this thinking, whether expressed overtly or not, is the belief that Europeans possess some innate gene that pushes them to have this hatred of us. Also within this thought process (equally as overt and/or covert) is the belief among African people that there is really no escape from this sorry reality. . . .

Mushroom cloud at the end of the world.

The End of the Fucking World

the end of the fucking world came again in May that year,
nine minutes and twenty nine seconds
stretched to hours, broke to days, forced into months.
and it sounded the same way the end of the world always sounds . . .

Protest against General Iron in Chicago

Do or Die: Black Liberation and the Climate Apocalypse

The history of the European World, the history of the West, is a history of colonization and exploitation. Wherever they go, destruction, dehumanization, and degradation follow. As Indigenous and African civilizations have shown us, we are the land, and the land is a part of us. When the land dies, we do as well. . . .