Derek Chauvin in court

Communal Justice & the Derek Chauvin Verdict

In the wake of this verdict there are those in New African communities who are proclaiming it an instance of justice served. For communities that rarely see their killers and brutalizers prosecuted, it’s understandable any instance of a conviction would be hailed as great justice. You could argue that it’s a great justice for George Floyd’s family and it would be hard to disagree with that. But, as a victim of colonial brutality, George Floyd doesn’t just belong to his immediate family but to the entire movement for New African liberation. It was the entire movement, after all, that brought his murder to light. Which is why it’s crucial that we understand matters of justice and accountability not just in individual terms but in communal terms. . . .

Members of the Black Panther Party armed with guns

The Black Panthers, the NRA, and the Contradiction of Guns in the U.S

May 2, 2021, marks the 54th commemoration of 29 Black Panther Party members and supporters converging on the California State Capitol in Sacramento, armed with guns, to protest the pending Mulford bill legislation to make carrying guns in public illegal. Don Mulford, a racist state senator from racist Mill Valley in the Bay Area, sponsored this bill, with full backing from the National Rifle Association (NRA). . . .

The MOVE family

How Much More Can MOVE Take?

What the MOVE family has explicitly made clear is that the only real justice they can receive is for their family who are still alive– FREE MUMIA ABU JAMAL! . . .

A protest for Ma'Khia Bryant

If Some Of Y’all Think Ma’Khia Bryant Deserved To Die, Then I Shouldn’t Be Here Either

In the wake of the horrific murder of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, at the hands of Columbus police people, and by people here, I mean Black people largely, are surmising that the police had to stop her because she had a knife. Really? . . .

Nancy Pelosi can go fuck herself

Nancy Pelosi Can Go Fuck Herself For Real

Imma keep this short. Americans are some sick fucking people.  As a guilty verdict came down on Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, the European settlers that call themselves “Americans”, not only revealed once again that they believe in this settler colony they call home, but they continue to lack the ability to build and maintain it without the economic, psychological, physical and spiritual theft of other people. This has never been communicated by anyone more effectively than Nancy Pelosi in her comments following the announcement of the verdict:  “Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice.”  At her core, . . .

The Black petty-bourgeoisie

The Class Collaboration of “Justice”

There’s no intent on clarifying that this is a concession won by the mobilizing of millions of working people around the country who marched, fought in the streets and burned down precincts. Instead, the Black petty-bourgeoisie media is attempting to convince the masses of working-class Black people that this is a sign that the system can work for us. . . .

Mushroom cloud at the end of the world.

The End of the Fucking World

the end of the fucking world came again in May that year,
nine minutes and twenty nine seconds
stretched to hours, broke to days, forced into months.
and it sounded the same way the end of the world always sounds . . .

A demonstrator in Minneapolis illustrating what justice actually looks like

Derek Chauvin & the Con Against African Justice

Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. slave catcher (police) who brutally murdered George Floyd a year ago while being videotaped doing so, was convicted today. At the very least, the convictions will require him to spend a significant amount of time in prison, if not the rest of his mortal life. Regardless, read no further if you expect us to find some reason to celebrate. . . .