Our Anti-colonial #GOALS for 2021 – Black Hammer

In Black Hammer’s first rally of 2021, the entire membership voted on our goals for 2021. The Black Hammer Organization’s last Tuesday rally of 2020 happened to be the largest we’ve had in the organization’s history, and we are only getting bigger and badder.

These are all the plans we’ll be tackling this year!

Secretary General’s Office

Under the supervision of our Secretary-General Anco, Black Hammer Organization has the primary goal of building a dual contending power. We’ve already made headway with Hammer City, and 2021 will see the beginnings of the Feed The People program.

Black Hammer will also reach out to start relationships with even more revolutionary organizations.

Finally, the SG office has announced the OPPA (Operations, Protocol, Procedures, Archiving) office, which will function as the people’s court!


Campaigns were the committee that went and announced Black Hammer was creating a whole damn city! Chief Ina, representing the African Nation, built a whole department from the ground up and said she still got bigger plans! 

1. Non-profits

Our goal by the end of 2021 is to create accessory non-profits to fund our disaster relief, health ministry, and permaculture programs, so chapters don’t have to worry about funding them. Campaigns would also start an international non-profit to supply funding for our international chapters.

2. Business

If we want to pull ourselves out of the plantation, we will need some production under our control. Campaigns plans to do that by establishing ten businesses and by buying five plots of land.

3. Health Ministry

Pulling our people out of the plantation doesn’t just mean business. It means building a dual contending healthcare system. Not only do we plan to have a healthcare center by the end of 2021, but we also plan to have at least one trained care provider in every chapter. This healthcare system would also establish a gender-affirming health program for our trans and nonbinary comrades.

4. Disaster Relief

You thought distributing a quarter of a million pieces of PPE was powerful? Well, Black Hammer plans to distribute one million masks by the end of next year!

We’ll also be making sure that each chapter has a Disaster Relief coordinator and its own disaster bunker—because there’s more to plan for than just ‘Rona…

5. Permaculture

Ending on a positive note, Campaigns is dedicating 2021 to building up our food production: 100 gardens and five farms by the end of the year, plus a library that will be filled with resources on how to grow food for yourself. Did I say library? I meant a library, a cookbook, a youtube channel, and garden training! Campaigns didn’t come to play!

Agitation & Propaganda

1. Be on the ground, around the world

For 2021, Social Media will be plugging our communities into Neighborhood Watch Facebook groups to protect African and Colonized people at the local level. 

Black Hammer Times will train members to become on the ground reporters, learning things like investigation, gathering live photos, and how to do interviews.

Most importantly, Political Education & Culture Command (PECC) will be implementing “Freedom Schools” for our young people aged 0-18 throughout all chapters by the Fall.

2. Focus on Fundraising

Yeah, our Class 4 Colonizers was lit. Still, now it’s time to grow it into the official Black Hammer Reparations Corps: a wing of the organization institutionalizing reparations and skill-sharing for African and Colonized people.

PECC is also announcing BH Press, a network of printers across the country dedicated to printing goods for us to sell. Finally, M.A.D. Department is announcing “MAD Records,” a music label that houses BH Artists and trains them in politicizing the masses.

3. Grow Comrades to Grow Projects

2021 will see the launch of the Black Hammer Cadre School. This will be a program for old and new comrades to sharpen their cadre stance and uphold the principles and discipline of Black Hammer. 

Design also plans to roll out a bi-weekly skill-share series. Twice a month, members will be invited to learn various art and design programs like Canva or cool artistic skills!

Membership & Recruitment

At the start of 2020, we introduced the world to our International Chapter in Nigeria, now one of our organization’s most significant Chapters! Next year ain’t no different for Black Hammer: we want to be growing, growing, growing! Three basic plans will be implemented by M & R in 2021:

1. Speak with five potential comrades a day.

2. Create a membership activation culture through tools like an activation manual or changing the way we get out and talk with the masses.

3. Centralizing the Neighborhood Struggle by expanding #HammersInYoHood.


According to Black Hammer’s Chief of Defense, Chief Malcolm, we want to increase emergency preparedness and disciplined physical conditionings. Not to mention a Fire and Wilderness Rescue Team, not just to protect our people in the wild, but to protect the environment. Y’all excited for Revolutionary Forest Rangers? Cuz we damn sure are!

Defense will also be organizing an EMT Team that will include high-skilled paramedics and first responders, and eventually a rapid response vehicle.

Last but not least, we’ll be fleshing out our Spiritual Quadrant (S’Quad), a crucial part of Defense that no other organization can boast! Holistic spirituality is vital to uphold our Second principle of unity.

Science & Technology

We are introducing a brand new committee, the International Committee of Science and Technology! Taking inspiration from revolutionaries like Thomas Sankara and AfroIndigenous Nations like Cuba, Black Hammer understands science and technology to be extensions of our relationship to and dictatorship over land. To witness the unnatural and genocidal uses of colonial medicine in the age of Covid makes this abundantly clear.

This new department will oversee the development of revolutionary science and technology for the good of the colonized proletariat the world over!

Ready to Rally!

As many wins as we had this past year, Black Hammer won’t be satisfied until we meet and exceed every goal.

The membership of Black Hammer and every Colonized person who tuned into the weekly rally voted on these goals. This is what Democratic Centralism looks like, what Colonized Democracy looks like. 

We need as many Hammers in the struggle to build because we’ll be tackling the work as a collective. So join Black Hammer today and help us bring these goals to fruition for the Colonized Masses.

Yes, we should be proud of ourselves for how far we’ve come; we should let that energy keep pushing us forward because we have a lot more exciting work to do!

Let’s get free, Comrades.

Land Back!

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Black Hammer is an organization focused on building Black Power. Under the leadership of the Colonized proletariat, our mission is to use our collective building power to strengthen all sectors of the Colonized Nation. Currently, our physical and intellectual labor is being coerced to build for the capitalist white colonial state, but it can be redirected to a noble cause. We will organize our labor to be of service to our people. Our symbol, the Black Hammer represents breaking the chains of imperialism and building a sustainable future for all colonized people worldwide.