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New Afrikans Must Not Lose to Nazis

Saturday’s neo-nazi white supremacist mass shooting serves as a reminder of the war waged against the Black colony aka the oppressed New Afrikans (the New Afrikan Nation) and our need for organizations that are working to free the land from euro-amerikkkan control. Originally published on Medium.

On Saturday, May 14th, 2022 in Buffalo, New York, an 18-year-old white nationalist neo-nazi walked into a store and opened fire on a crowd with his assault rifle. In addition to writing a racist manifesto, he live-streamed this attack as a means to get his message of white supremacist violence across to all those who would see it. This neo-nazi attack left 10 New Afrikans dead, as well as another New Afrikan and two white folks wounded. While this type of violence continues to shock the world, this is simply a reminder to the Afrikan in Amerikkka that we are at war, and at any minute this type of armed white supremacist violence can wreak havoc on any of us. It may find us while we grocery shop, drive our children to school, while we sleep in bed with our partner, or ride the train home following a New Year’s celebration like Oscar Grant in 2009. And while white supremacists have made it their mission to remind us of this gut-wrenching truth, our revolutionary cadre organization understands our duty to remind the New Afrikan masses that we must organize a united front that can defend against this violence. As El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) said, “Preserve your life. It’s the best thing you got!”

For clarity: this is not a reactionary call for New Afrikans to engage in senseless violence like the neonazis. This is a call for self-defense! To preserve our lives and the future of our people!

The first step of developing this united front — The Front for the Liberation of the New Afrikan Nation (FROLINAN) is to build Revolutionary Cadre Organizations, i.e., People’s Programs. These organizations serve as the nucleus of the united socioeconomic, political, and military front. For example, if there was a unified response from Black organizations across the country (providing security for the victim’s families/patrolling the neighborhoods of other Black communities in preparation for another attack, childcare for the community, cooked meals, groceries, money so the families could take off from work and grieve/cover memorial expenses) to the types of heinous attack that took place in Buffalo, the people would want to know what these revolutionary black groups standing up for its people were all about—  thus they turn to these organizations and find that these organizations aren’t just responding to circumstance, they in-fact have a complete understanding of the systems that allow for white supremacist violence to run rampant, and they also have an objective: the freeing of the people and the land through the total liberation and unification of all Afrikans under scientific socialism.

The revolutionary cadre organization shows their grasp of the terrain through their opportunities for political education (classes, community learnings, writings, speeches) and their programs for decolonization (free health clinic, free hot meal distro, free clothes, free grocery programs). When the people see these programs established, and in conjunction with a revolutionary armed force, they see that there’s a material place to put their revolutionary energy, and the cadre and movement make a positive qualitative leap. This shows the dialectical connection between armed struggle and the development of decolonization programs in the community. Armed and unified responses follow dialectical (scientific) steps and processes. Armed struggle cannot happen without the development of decolonization programs, as the question arises, what are we fighting for? Are we fighting for the sake of fighting, or are we fighting for complete control and independence of the New Afrikan nation?

“Repression Raises Consciousness and Contradictions”

Naturally, the repressed will have emotions and physical responses to said repression, but it is the job of the leadership (the revolutionary cadre organization) to direct the revolutionary fervor of oppressed New Afrikans, so that they can respond to their genocide and the war waged against them in the most scientific and effective manner. We did not make this world, but it is our duty to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and fight back and create the world we wish to see… using any means necessary! The call of the day continues to be “FROLINAN FORWARD”; to build the revolutionary cadre organization via political education and programs for decolonization that meet the material needs of the people, and to unite them under the cause of liberation. This is the only way that we will save our people from genocide and ultimately free ourselves from white supremacist capitalist slavery!

Free the people!

Free the land!

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