Everyday abolition in practice at the Black Panther Party Breakfast Program

Everyday Abolition

Abolition is a verb, a practice.  The act of abolition generates an abundance of new opportunities.  It is alive with possibility!  Abolition is presence.  It requires our attention and care.  It forces us to think wide and imagine.  What does a just world look like?  What does mass peace feel like? . . .

Hood Communist Radio - Political Education

Hood Communist Radio – We Unify or We Die

Twice a month, the editorial board of Hood Communist holds live conversations on our Telegram channel where we discuss articles on the blog as well as current events. Tune in below to hear what went down at our May 27 session where we discussed Pan Africanism, African Liberation Day, and our collective statement “We Unify or We Die”. . . .

Afro-Pessimism and the (Un)Logic of Anti-Blackness

Afro-Pessimism and the (Un)Logic of Anti-Blackness

What, then, are we fighting for? I want to open the door to this critical, but absent, conversation around anti-racist organising – the space for such conversations is desperately needed. Indeed, many of the claims about race that I have challenged created a suffocating climate in the last decade in which dissent from shared assumptions and attempts to develop theoretical grounds for solidarity are routinely characterised as ‘anti-black’. . . .

A hurricane forming over the earth - the winds of change

The Winds of Change

You strive for freedom. You are engaged in a struggle for liberation that has many complex layers. Your age old struggle includes every effort to take control of your affairs and stand on equal footing with humanity. Your process is a cultural tradition that stands in antagonistic contradiction to all forms of exploitation and oppression. . . .

Nancy Pelosi can go fuck herself

Nancy Pelosi Can Go Fuck Herself For Real

Imma keep this short. Americans are some sick fucking people.  As a guilty verdict came down on Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, the European settlers that call themselves “Americans”, not only revealed once again that they believe in this settler colony they call home, but they continue to lack the ability to build and maintain it without the economic, psychological, physical and spiritual theft of other people. This has never been communicated by anyone more effectively than Nancy Pelosi in her comments following the announcement of the verdict:  “Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice.”  At her core, . . .

Mushroom cloud at the end of the world.

The End of the Fucking World

the end of the fucking world came again in May that year,
nine minutes and twenty nine seconds
stretched to hours, broke to days, forced into months.
and it sounded the same way the end of the world always sounds . . .

Members of the All African Women's Revolutionary Union

The All African Women’s Revolutionary Union is Building Pan-Africanism!

The All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (AAWRU), like the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party, was born out of the political and ideological struggle for liberation of all African and all indigenous people over hundreds of years of colonialism, neo-colonialism and imperialism where African women have always played a critical and decisive role. . . .

African children at a rally to free political prisoners organized by the Black Panther Party.

An Analysis of the “Free Huey” Speech by Kwame Turé

In “Free Huey,” Kwame Turé underlines the concept of survival. Turé argues that the survival “of a race of people…is all that is at stake”. By establishing this, Turé discusses the roles that resistance, the vote (its futility, rather), allyship, and ideologies play in contributing to survival. . . .